Jack Cox

Jack Cox

Scout, martial artist & OneTouch® Hero

When were you diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes?

I was only three when I was diagnosed so don’t remember much about it only what I been told.

I had been staying with my grandparents and they mentioned to my mum and dad that whist I had been with them I had been drinking and weeing a lot. So when my mum and dad came to pick me up my dad who is also a T1 suggested we did a blood test and the result of that was very high so off to hospital I went. I loved the magic TVs they had.

It helped me that my dad was a T1 because he helped my tests and what they meant.

Why did you choose an Animas® insulin pump?

My dad had an Animas® pump and suggested that it would fit well with my activities and school life, being waterproof and really hard wearing meant I could just carry on as normal just with a little box attached to my belt.

Before I got my pump I was on 4 injections a day, which I did not enjoy.

How did your Animas® insulin pump change your life?

My pump means no more injections and better test results. I have more confidence in what my sugars are doing.

Jack and Matt
Jack and Matt

As a scout I go on camps 3 or 4 times a year my pump gives me and my parents the confidence to allow me to go. My scout leader checks up on me throughout the day just to check my sugars and that I have put my boluses in with food.

What sport do you practice, and how has the Animas® Vibe® Insulin Pump had an impact on exercise for you?

I enjoy cricket and karate and I don’t take my pump off for either. I have played and fought many times wearing my pump and never had any problems.

What are your main day-to-day challenges with living with Type 1 diabetes and how do you cope with them?

Remembering to do my tests and to put in my insulin with food, I have a habit of forgetting both which can cause some problems. :(

What would you say to someone who has heard your story, also lives with Type 1 diabetes and now wants a challenge of their own?

Go for it. Diabetes doesn’t stop me doing anything. I recently fought in a karate competition wearing my pump (I got a silver) and loved it.

What advice would you give someone who has just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes?

DO ANYTHING! Diabetes is just something you have to consider not something to stop you doing it.